This Has Never Happened Before!

This Has Never Happened Before!

We are hearing a lot of that these days. From the pandemic to weather patterns to media propaganda - this is a time in the earth for major life changes. There are times in our lives where we have answers to difficult situations that arise. But when you are going through something that has never occurred before, everyone is on a learning curve including the experts. It amazes me how many people look to governments to have all the answers. The governments of nations do not have the answers and they are not supposed to. Governments are not our God. They are people looking for an answer.

How do we even know what is truth anymore when there is so much lying in the press and among governments? We are coming into a time where we will have to hear God as to what truth is. Our discernment must be stronger in the days ahead. I believe there is coming a time when Christians won’t be able to communicate anything about God through technology, including social media. That will be part of the persecution that is coming. It is not here yet, but don’t think the U.S. will be left out of this. We will have to know things from the Spirit of God as never before.

Throughout the Bible anytime there was going to be a major change or disruption to life as they knew it, there was always a time where God prepared His people for it. We are in a time like that right now. God, through his prophets will release words of warning and preparation. God wants his people to continue to prosper especially in the midst of dark times.  2 Chr. 20:20 gives us insight: “Believe in the Lord your God and you will be established; believe his prophets and you will prosper.” We did hear a few months ago through prophet Chuck Pierce that we were to tighten our belts and that there was going to be a plague-like condition to deal with starting at the first of the year. Now some people only go towards prophetic words that are only filled with promises from God, but we must not be immature about prophecy. God has always warned His own about future events.  

When Jesus walked the earth training his disciples, He told them which towns to go into where they would be safe. As the time was drawing near for Jesus to leave the earth, He gave them new instructions. They were to take a sword with them on their journeys. It would be so important to do so that He told them to sell their coat and buy a sword if they didn’t have one. Jesus was preparing them for more difficult times ahead. It was going to become one of those life-changing times and so they had to go out into the world differently.

The prophet Jeremiah had been upset and confused that wicked people were still thriving and God sent him this word. “If you have raced with men on foot and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? If you fall down in a land of peace where you feel secure then how will you do in the flooded thicket beside the Jordan?” (Jer.12:5) Anytime there is a major change, God called on His own people so that they would toughen up, gain more maturity and stability because life as they knew it was going to change. Dan and I have been in constant teaching exhorting the body about change. We could not shake it or step away from it and now we know why. God was calling us all out to begin changing and to go into deeper maturity.


The whole earth is being shaken. It is not just an individual thing, it is corporate. The whole earth needs an awakening to seek God Almighty. I read a phrase the other day that exclaimed we were all in the same boat. A different author then wrote, “we are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm.” I totally agree. This is not the time to whine, complain and become angry like the world. This is the time to rise and run with the horses to bring the love and light of Jesus Christ into our communities, our place of business and with our families. We must be filled with compassion and reach out to help others that don’t have the hope of Jesus that we have. Ask God to show you new doors of opportunity. Then also ask God to show you areas to make a change. Maybe you don’t need to go back to the job you had. Sometimes it takes a major shift around you to shake you out of an old place. There isn’t security in any old places now because the old places won’t exist. Those times are over even though people will still look for them. I believe that as we break free of all that old season that gifts will come to the surface that we did not even know we had.  People need to find new ways to generate income, connect in new ways and grow in thinking outside the box.

The new era is here and it is demanding change.  God sees where we are right now, but He also sees us in the future.  He sees the struggles this brings, but know that He has been preparing us all for this time. What we are going through right now is preparation for what is ahead so don’t stick your head in the sand. Read your Bible where it tells us what is coming about in the last days. Go get your sword and get ready to run with the horses - declare I have been called by God for this moment in history. God is with us and we will be victorious!

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