Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

Identity crisis is a real problem many people are dealing with. God shifts identities in different seasons, and many are still held by the wisdom of who they were in last season. Pastors are still trying to have church the way it used to work because of wisdom from how they have always led church. Business leaders are trying to generate income the way they used to and nothing is working. All of this is from carnal thoughts that come from the wisdom of this age. God wants to reveal things to us about our identity, but this must be spiritually discerned. God is interested in our lives prospering, but we must be aware there is wisdom He has for us today.

Head knowledge will not take you far; it has to go deeper to make a change. When it is spiritually discerned, behaviors start changing and you are even surprised with the change coming from your own life. Some of you are going through things that have been patterns from your past and you are saying no more. What has happened that you are not going to put up with that anymore? Your identity is telling you that time is over and you are speaking it out now. What has gotten into you? The Spirit of God!!

This identity shift will bring some trials your way because everyone’s role will shift along with yours. This may be a time of agitation for a family, your church family and your business family because of all the changes. This is another one of those things where you will have to draw from the wisdom of God to spiritually discern what is happening. Envy, strife, division, unforgiveness – these are all effects of the carnal wisdom and have to be avoided. You are called to go beyond with the Spirit of God moving through you into a greater depth of releasing the manifestation of the sons of God in the earth. This manifestation will come with fruits of the Spirit and life in a new way being seen and heard through you. Sons and daughters will say I want to be like you. There is something about you that is heavenly and full of power. People will know that you have been with Jesus and will embrace the way of wisdom from where you have chosen to draw. 

Peter received revelation about the identity of Jesus being the Christ and the next moment responded with carnality. Religion always wants to mess with everyone else’s identity and what they should be doing. Control issues in Peter caused him to want to control the plan of the Messiah. If he had controlled it, there would be no fulfillment of God’s assignment. I wonder if our control issues cause a lack of fulfillment of God’s assignments for our lives. It is great having revelation, but not so great trying to create an outcome based on our carnal understanding. This is where Peter needed to just listen and obey. It might be wise that the next time we receive revelation we do the same. 

We can reconcile our past and break agreement with iniquity structures. This will cause us to walk into our new identity. Your past will have a voice, but that doesn’t mean you come into agreement with it. One of the greatest attributes of God is that He sees you through a lens that has no limits. He looks beyond your fears and He sees the spirit and power of might upon you. Just like he did for Gideon who was harvesting in the winepress so he could not be found out. God called him out by the way he saw him – mighty man of valor!

Who is God calling you out to be? It is time to find out and listen to His voice. No more hiding. As you read this, I believe there is something stirring in you to hope again in a new way, a new identity. It might be time to start over – I am asking God to give you courage to go forth from this day forward in a new way! 

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