Expect a Miracle!

Expect a Miracle!

By Kay Newberry This blog was Posted on Thursday, July  1, 2021 12:00 AM 2 YEARS AGO 0 COMMENTS0 COMMENTS

People are desperate for miracles. I am also and desiring more miracles for myself and for others. I have experienced miracles ever since I have been following the Lord and for that I am grateful. An act of God comes into your atmosphere and changes everything – to me that is a miracle. Miracles come into finances, relationships, physical bodies, land or a number of other things and situations. God will come in anywhere through anyone to bring a miracle. How can we have more miracles in our lives? First, we must believe in God. Heb.11:6 “He that comes to God must believe that He is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.”

Believing that God is, means that you believe that God is all He says He is. It is in His nature to respond to our faith in Him.  When I want God to respond to my need exactly like I think He should and He doesn’t, then hope deferred sets in. My hope must be in God and not in the answer I am looking for. God seems to come up with a different way to bring miracles than what we are thinking. We are to be specific when we ask for miracles but then be open to how God brings the answer. God’s ways are so much higher than ours.

Years ago, my brother had AIDS. This was before all the medicines they have now to extend your life. My brother needed to find God and yet he had no fear of anything. I kept asking God for a miracle so that he would know Jesus. The miracle came, but in the strangest way. One day my brother called me in a panic. He was having his first ever panic attack – he was so shook up and a fear came over him so intense that he was ready to give his life to the Lord. A miracle happened that night and it was certainly a surprise how it came about. God knew how to get to my brother’s heart. He served the Lord a year before he went to heaven. You may not know how God will bring a miracle, but that doesn’t matter – God knows exactly what it takes.

When it comes to miracles we can’t depend on our own understanding. God will be God and we must diligently seek Him to stay in that place of trusting Him over the miracles we desire. When I read of the miracles in the Bible, I am always amazed at how they came about. My natural mind would come up with different ways for the miracle to happen. We have to get our minds out of it or our faith will be in a very small place. This is why we must always be seeking God. 

Miracles will surprise you. When you experience miracles, it is like God just stepped into the void, the empty place is no longer empty and your life changes. Having a right perspective will cause you to attract those surprises instead of blocking what God wants to bring. When the angels released Peter from prison, the church was praying for him. As he knocked on the door of the praying church, they didn’t believe it was him. They were amazed that God answered their prayers this way. God likes to show us He is God!! Keep believing for your miracle because God wants to surprise and amaze you with how He brings it to you.

The woman with the issue of blood for twelve long years was desperate for a miracle in her life. When you suffer from a chronic illness, just making it through your day is a chore and weariness sets in. This woman heard of Jesus. She did not know how her health would be restored, but she knew that she had to keep going towards Jesus…if she could just touch the hem of his robe. This woman didn’t need a sit-down dinner with Jesus. She just needed to be around Him. Her perception was only to be looking to Jesus and in doing that Jesus released his healing power into that woman because she touched his robe. Are you desperate for a miracle? Do you need to touch His robe? Diligently seek Him! Look to Jesus and let who He is be magnified in your life. At times that is difficult because the loss and pain can be so intense, but you must go after Jesus with all you have. Be like that woman with the issue of blood and keep moving towards Jesus. Jesus is your hope!

What if your miracle is right in front of you and you can’t see it? I have heard people lament over things in their lives, and yet I see miracles all around and they don’t see them. The children of Israel were that way. Unbelief can overwhelm you so much that you don’t recognize what God has done or is doing in your midst. This is why God had the children of Israel set up memorials to go back and see all God had done for them. Get back on track.  Look and see who God is and find the reward He brings into your life. As you do, your mind will be renewed and transformed. As we become awakened to the miracles God brings, we open ourselves up to more miracles. It is like you become a magnet to miracles. This is how the disciples lived because Jesus trained them to expect miracles. As they had an expectation, miracles began flowing through them and coming towards them. These are the same men who earlier could not cast out a demon. Maybe you are believing for a miracle. I encourage you to keep looking to Jesus. Seek Him diligently and begin looking for the reward He brings into your life. If you belong to Jesus, He has miracles for you because it is the way of life for a believer.

Here is a prayer for you to pray: I break off hope deferred from my heart. I am positioning myself for Your miracle working power, Lord. I choose to seek You with my whole heart. You are the one that brings my miracle. I am desperate for Your ways in my life, Lord. I have not seen You working on my behalf as I should. I ask that You renew my vision and perception of Your love for me. I worship You through the good and the bad in my life. You are everything to me, Lord Jesus. Bring Your life-giving transformational power into every area of my life. I give You glory in all of this and I thank You for the miracles that You are preparing for me and for those I touch.

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