Building Up Your Spiritual Endurance

Building Up Your Spiritual Endurance

By Dan Newberry This blog was Posted on Friday, November  22, 2019 9:00 AM 4 YEARS AGO 0 COMMENTS0 COMMENTS

Life has a way of throwing us curves when we’re expecting straight pitches. And sometimes it seems they come in bunches. You begin to wonder how much more of this can I take? There is definitely something God wants to build in all of us, and He’s putting us on a steep learning curve. Here are some helps for you to gird up your mind so you can endure.

#1    You’ve got to believe the promises God gave you first and foremost. Yes, you’ve got many you can list. The Bible gives you so many regarding healing, prosperity, advancement, and others. And then there are those that were prophesied over you. Pull them out again. You may have set them on the shelf because you thought they just weren’t going to come to pass. Get them out & say them out loud. Say them with force! Say the promises from the Word out loud with force! Even if you’re struggling with believing them right now because of what you’re going through, say them even louder. You keep saying them and eventually your belief will catch up with your confession. Romans 10:10 tells us we are saved because of belief and confession. This also works with everything else we desire.

#2    Seek hard to become grateful in everything. “Give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thess.5:18). In so doing, you will notice your endurance through the grind will pick up strength and speed. The more you’re thankful, the less you become focused on the troubles that surround you. In fact, you’ll notice your circumstances begin to change around you when you become thankful. This will also keep your thoughts from wandering toward the negative. The devil always feeds on our negative confession and thanklessness, which gives him a doorway to pouring more on us. He won’t stick around when he’s being overcome by your gratitude. 

#3    Don’t kick yourself while you’re looking at the mistakes you’ve made. We certainly wish at times we would’ve handled situations differently. Nonetheless, God looks at them as teachable moments. The key is this: will we look at them as teachable moments? Ask yourself, what can I learn from this? I don’t know anyone who lives through every single day without making a mistake, at least I haven’t met them yet, except Jesus. The focus shouldn’t be on how we can keep ourselves from looking foolish ever again. The important focus is on how we can exhibit Christlikeness in a similar situation in the future.

#4    You need to set some obtainable goals that can be measured. In other words, no need to set a lofty goal that will take years to achieve. That’s for a later list. Set goals you can conceivably reach within the next two months. And set another one, and so on. Come up with a plan for what you can do daily to reach those goals, AND STICK TO IT!! Don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked by circumstances and don’t talk yourself into changing those goals because you suffered another setback. Stay with it.

#5    Stay focused through daily prayer. This is essential. I don’t mean the kind of prayer you pray on your way to work. The more deliberate you are in setting aside time to pray, the greater the outcome. If you don’t know what to pray, then you haven’t really formed your dreams yet. You need to think on that hard, and then write them down. Years ago, I wrote mine down and looked at the list. I had 30! I’m betting there are many inside you that you just haven’t given voice to them yet.

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