Agree With God

Agree With God

By Kay Newberry This blog was Posted on Friday, November  8, 2019 12:00 PM 4 YEARS AGO 0 COMMENTS0 COMMENTS

Why is God so diligent in equipping us to shine, grow and bear fruit? Because it is in our nature to be like Him. (See 2 Pet 1:3-10) We will never develop and release the greatness He placed in us unless we agree with God. What and who you agree with will determine your destiny. When you came to Christ, you had to believe that Christ died for you and was resurrected to give you a new life. You agree that you needed a savior and that Jesus made you into a new creature. This is the beginning of the release of the greatness God put inside of you. Your greatness looks differently from another’s, but it is there planted within you and God wants to be seen through you.

In the beginning the only way the enemy could deceive Adam and Eve was to get them to agree with a lie. This is how deception starts. The serpent caused them to question God and convinced them that God was keeping something good from them. They ate of the fruit they were told not to eat, and then separation from God resulted. The devil is still after our agreement over his lies. Lies only have power if we agree with them. Even if you argue with the lie, you are going towards deception because you are giving life and energy to the lie. You don’t need to argue, you just declare the truth like Jesus did!

Identity comes from God, and unless you receive the truth about God, you will never be able to receive the truth about who God says you are.  Are you agreeing with a lie about your life?  “You will never have any friends. Never trust anyone but yourself. No one likes you. You will always be alone. God doesn’t even hear you anymore.” If you agree with these lies, you are giving them power to mold you, shape you and shut you down. You will even begin looking different and your behavior will respond to the lies. You will put on extra weight hoping that no one will be attracted to you. Your posture will be downcast so that you won’t look others in the eye. 

God wants you to shine with His glory coming through. You are the light of the world – others are meant to see this light and glorify God with the fruit that comes from your life. If you don’t have that release of His nature coming through your life, check what you are agreeing with. Come out of agreement of lies and begin agreeing with the truth of who God says you are. As you do, change your behavior to match the agreement with God. Change your focus and only declare truth over your life and over others. The power of agreement will bring a new strength and faith into you and you will never be the same. 

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